Chaz Bottoms

The Indies: An Animated Short, 2018

Screenings: CTN Expo 2018, 2019 Denton Black Film Festival, Geek Short Film Festival 2018, 2019 Phoenix Film Festival

All Kids Go to Hell, 2017. 

Screenings: 2018 Cannes Short Film Corner, 2018 Cleveland International Film Festival, 2018 DC Black Film Festival (Best Animated Film), 2018 Baltimore Black Film Festival (Best Animated Film), 2018 NC Black Film Fest, 2018 Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival, 2018 CineYouth Film Festival, 2018 Taiwan Art Gallery Screening, 2017 DePaul Premiere Film Festival, 2017 World Animation Celebration, 2017 Southside Film Festival, 2017 Black Gary International Film Festival, Butter Elbow Animation Festival 2017, 2017 Bill Johnson Film Festival,

Introvert (2016) 

Brooke, a quiet young woman, must make a friend at a crowded party to win a bet.

Film Festivals: Las Vegas Black Film Festival, Bill Johnson Black Film Festival, Gary International Black Film Festival, Industry BOOST Finalist, Baltimore Black Film Festival, Black Hollywood Film Festival, Airing Fall 2017 on ASPIRETV's Independent Series.

A Walk to School (2015)

Blaze, an imaginative boy, must choose between his imaginary friend Albert or making it to school on time.

Festivals: Gary International Black Film Fesival (Winner), Spring Creek Film Fest (Winner), Visionaria Festival, Southway Film Festival, Ozark Shorts



Alex is an inventor who has spent his entire life trying to come up with the perfect invention. After a failed pitch, his greatest idea is stolen by an evil company looking to make a quick buck.

Film Festivals:Gary International Black Film Festival, Rhode Island Comic Con Film Fest, Broken Knuckle Film Festival, Chicago Arthouse Film Festival, Reel to Reel Film Festival, Borealis Film Festival, Ozark Shorts



A man desperately tries to get his wig back from a stubborn Armadillo. 


Nightmare in Cincinnati is about Noah,a young man who visits his girlfriend in college only to find she's been cheating on him with the city's most lethal drug dealer. When $20,000 goes missing, its up to Noah to save his girlfriend and himself.


HELLO (2013)

Hello tells the story of a boy who is desperate to get the attention of a girl. 

Film Festivals: Chicago Shorts, Broke Student Film Festival, & Cedar Lee Theater