Chaz Bottoms

Looking for an Animation Director? A Character Designer or Storyboard Artist? Editor or Illustrator? Well, you have come to the right place! I offer high quality work at affordable prices Take a look at some of work above and below! Like what you see? Head over to the contact me page for inquiries. 

The Come Up (2017-Current)

Currently animating on SNKR INC's newest series The Come Up! Check out the episodes I've animated below! All artwork designed and created by Chaz Bottoms.


Illustration/Design Work

Pom Pom - DecadeZ (2017)

2D Animation Work

Lorine Chia - Feeling Groovy (2017)

Lorine Chia Feeling Groovy Music Video. Animation Production. 2017

Kylo Ren is a Dofus: Star Wars Parody. Animation Production. 2016

Mystery Squad Girls Web Series: 2015-2016, 6 episodes.

DAZY, web series, opening title animation, 2016.

3rDimension Ice Man Music Video, animation production. 2016

SUNDAY: THE MOVIE Fundraiser Video, video filming and editing, 2016.